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Thanks to the lovely SoapBoxShouts for giving me premium, I'm now AttackTheMap instead of RuneNeko! I've wanted to change my username ever since I outgrew my "omg I need Japanese in my name" phase years ago and started using Attack The Map, which is used only by me. Now I'm AttackTheMap on Tumblr, Twitter, Aywas, Flight Rising, Creature World, and here!
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I'm really bad at keeping things updated and it's been catching up to me lately. So here's a shiny new price chart!
Note: If this journal is more than 6 months old, it's likely that prices will have changed.

I will draw almost anything, except:
- Graphic nudity / sex
- Graphic gore (blood is fine, hanging guts and shredded people is not. Zombies need to be discussed with me)
*More will be added if necessary

Things you should know:
- I will not send progress pictures unless you ask for them!
- You pay half upfront and the other half when I'm ready to start shading (I will show you a resized preview)
- USD payments are through Paypal and you must send it as a payment for a "Service"
- I work slowly and usually take 1 week per picture. If you need me to finish before a specific date, let me know and I'll do my best to hurry!
- I usually post sketches on my Tumblr and the finished piece here. If you don't want me posting the images, you must tell me before I start
- If I don't reply to you after 2 days, assume that a black hole ate your message and send me another message
- Nagging usually makes me work faster
- You might get something for free if you can guess my OTP and don't shun me for it (Hint: It's from Unwholly)
- At the moment of posting this journal, I am also taking payment through Aywas. I'm Rune Cat #18747
- Once again, if this journal is over 6 months old, my prices might have changed. Use this as a guideline as what to expect

300x300 square, fully shaded, transparent or gradient background, 1-2 characters
Price: $3 -or- 240 points

Up to 600x600; transparent PSD or SAI file with separate layers for lineart, base color, shading, highlights, and eyes
Price: $5 -or- 400 points for one base, $8 -or- 640 points for male and female set
Note: I will watermark the PNG image I post to my gallery to prevent theft, and you will receive the PSD version via Dropbox (no email needed)

Up to 600x600, white or light-colored background, one color lines/shading
Price: $2 -or- 160 points per character

White background, default black lines (can request a different color)
Price: $7.50 -or- 600 points per character
Note: You may use the lineart however you please, but I will not watermark the image I post to my gallery unless requested

All the bells and whistles!
Price: $10 -or- 800 points for one character, $3 (240 points) per each additional character
+ Detailed background: $3 -or- 240 points extra

Please send me a note with the following information if you would like a commission from me:
Character Name:
Reference Pictures / Info:
Type of Commission: (icon, complete, etc)
Type of Payment: (Paypal USD or points)
Do you want progress pictures? If so, when? (sketch, lineart, flat color, etc)
Additional Information / Comments:
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Attack The Sketches Tumblr:

I'll be using it mainly for sketches and WIPs, but I'll also be posting the work I do for Creature World. I've been wanting a place where I can throw my not-best work, and I don't want to use DA for that because I only post finished pieces here. So for all you Tumblr people, now you can follow me on there!
And all the other activities you do on Tumblr, because I really have never paid attention to the site before ._.
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I seriously didn't realize my last journal was posted in January o.o I didn't want to get rid of it too soon because I wanted to give the spotlight to those artists, but... I think it's time for some me!

The Past: Acedemic
I finished my first year of university back in the middle of April! I kind of let my grades slip as time went on (and those French Literature classes KILL) so I really need to try harder in the coming year. On that note, I have an online course (or two) planned to start on the 10th in Psychology. But that's all technical stuff that no one wants to hear about.

The Current: Site Artist
Here's some news the art community might be more interested in. I'm working as a site artist on Creature World this summer! I've only done a few items since I've been tied up with pet colors, but that's where I'll be focusing my interest in the coming months. If you'd like to join the site, you can use this handy link to put me as your referrer and I think you get some bonus money as well:… If you want to follow what I'm doing, my username is AttackTheMap and I'm always open to messages (on any site!).

The Future: Comics
What does that mean for this account? Well, I regrettably won't be as active here. There are some projects I'd like to get started on, though, which will include more comics featuring my favorite cast of OCs, some background OCs, and random one-shot characters. I'm also crossing my fingers to start planning a short story comic with a serious plot and a human character. This story is very dear to me, and I won't be drawing any of it until I'm absolutely sure I can do it justice. The story, setting, and main character are already planned. With any luck I'll be starting it sometime later this year.

I'm always open to casual commissions. I don't like to set prices before seeing the request because every request is different and requires more or less energy. You can always contact me through one of many sites where I frequent:
- DeviantArt (just send me a note! I take points!)
- Roliana (… My username is Rune Cat)
- Aywas (… My user ID is #18747)
- Felisfire (No referral code, I am AttackTheMap #9907)
- Creature World (link and name above, I'd prefer to only take site-based requests for free on your part)

A Question For Watchers And Lurkers
I'm considering getting a pin/button/badge making machine. If you don't know what I mean, look up "The World Ends With You pins". I've actually been inspired from getting my TWEWY pins from a wonderful seller on Etsy (…) and I'd like to start making my own. So here's my question: Would you buy custom pins from me? You could request anything you want, and I'd be selling each 1 1/2" pin for $1 (Canadian). So please, let me know if you'd be interested!
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I've seen some memes go around such as this one… which, although are a great idea, I don't feel like I can relate with. While I do have a lot of favorite artists, I don't believe my style is anything like theirs. So instead of doing a meme, I thought I'd make this journal about my favorite people here on DeviantArt and why.

1. :iconhibbary: Hibbary
Ajna by hibbary
Isn't that beautiful? All her work is extremely detailed and, for lack of a better word, awesome. Everything she draws is extremely precise and accurate; even the mythological creatures! It looks so professional, and that's why she's my favorite deviant.

2. :icontamberella: TamberElla
The Gathering of Disney by TamberElla
The colors. Oh my god THE COLORS! Doesn't it make your eyes want to bleed rainbows? I don't know how she does it. She even made a tutorial on how to do colors (…) but I just can't even imagine how I would do something that epic. She's definitely a person to watch.

3. :icontracyjb: Tracyjb
Lackadaisy Fuzz-bomb by tracyjb
Tracy Butler, the artist of Lackadaisy ( Remember my totally-not-a-fancharacter Dingo? I took a lot of inspiration from Lackadaisy during that time. But if there's one thing I have to mention, it's the expressions. Nobody can draw expressions like Tracy Butler. But she doesn't just draw expressions well, it's also landscapes, cars, humans, and did I mention her shading? All-around expert.

These next artists aren't numbered, but they really are my top favorites.

- :iconvaporotem: Vaporotem
If you take a look at any of my pictures, you'll see that I do incredibly neat lines. Where did I get that from? This lady right here. Crisp lines, lovable characters, and bright colors. Check out the animation she did for school:…

- :iconakreon: Akreon
I'm sure many of you know her because of the "Deviantart Loves You" comics that made the front page. What else can I say? She does a webcomic, has an awesome persona (green pug-rabbit), and look at those paintings!

-:icondaemonscratches: Demonysh
I love everything about her style. If anyone could rival the Lackadaisy characters for expression, it's Demonysh's characters. Just look at the thumbnails in her gallery. You know right away exactly what's going on.

-:icontysontan: Extvia
This guy knows what he's doing, and he does it well. Everything he draws is adorable, colorful, and epic. Robots? He's got that. Anthros? Mhmm. Oswald, My Little Pony, Olympics, and Vocaloid? All of that. I love all of it, no exceptions.

- :iconsqueedgemonster: SqueedgeMonster
Colors, clean lineart, textures, so on and so forth. What isn't she good at?

- :iconshivita: Shivita
Look into the eyes of her characters and tell me you don't love them. Go on. Try it. She made Happy Tree Friends look cute. She can do anything.

- :iconisismasshiro: IsisMasshiro
A bit unusual for me, but this guy does it all. I originally started watching him for the Left 4 Dead comics, even though I don't play the game. His comics are hilarious, and there's always something going on in the background. Seriously, look at the backgrounds in his comics! Oh, and did I mention the plushies? That's right. He makes plushies too.

So now you have a big list of my favorite artists who really inspire me. I encourage you to go watch all of them, or at least take a look through their gallery!
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This year was good to me. I did a lot of self reflection and spent lots of time working on art. I do have some resolutions for 2012 that I hope to keep, and hopefully it'll make next year better than this one. There's a ton of things I want to do, so hopefully "become organized" will be one of my resolutions!

Happy New Year of the Dragon!
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I can't wait to finish this year's Christmas picture >w< I love the idea I have for it, and the sketch is almost done. I thought about doing some common wintery picture comparing KC's winter style to Irvin's style, but that can wait. Right now KC needs some revenge for Halloween's events.
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I'm going to be making ref sheets for my OCs soon. I don't usually get a lot of comments on my pictures, so I don't know which ones are your favorites, or who you want to see a ref for. I know it's mainly my fault for not specifying which are my main characters, and another problem is my lack of updates. So, you can find my characters in the Original Work part of my gallery here:…

I'd really like some comments for this one. Which characters do you want me to make a ref sheet for?
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For the past week I've been trying to sort out my computer issues :/ Long story short, my computer was so old that Windows can't be re-installed onto it. I don't have any choice but to get a new computer. Except, I can't afford one. My budget is couch change, not $600. So I'm stuck with my laptop until I happen to win the lottery.

On that note, you'll have noticed that I'm still not very active on here. Although I can make art on the laptop, university has been eating my time. It's ironic, though. I'd always scoff at the people who said they had no time whatsoever between school and homework. Now I'm one of those people. I'd kick myself if I had the time for that. Let me illustrate my schedule so you know what I mean:
7:30am = wake up
9:20am = leave the house
10:00am = class starts
5:20pm = class ends
6:00pm = arrive home
7:30pm = finished dinner
8:00pm = socialize with my family
9:00pm = finish checking daily sites/email
10:00pm = bedtime
So there you go. I have 1 hour between 9pm and 10pm to either be artistic or play tetris. That's why I'm not going to be as active as I was before.

Despite this, I am still taking commissions. Send me a note or message me on Aywas (#18747)
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I finally had my old computer brought in to the shop today, and they gave me a verdict.

The hard drive is gone out. It won't register on their system. End result is that all my files have been destroyed. All the art from 2009 to now, stories I've written, school assignments, camera pictures and videos, all gone.

So now that I'm done feeling sorry for myself, there's some good news. I now have a 1 terabyte hard drive being put into my old computer, which should be ready for pick-up tomorrow. I'll have to re-install SAI and Photoshop (hopefully the shop guys will have put all the essentials like Word on there), but it's a small price to pay for getting a working computer again. If I'm super lucky, I'll build myself a new computer over the next year or two. Besides that, there's not much else I can do.

In conclusion, this is going to mean two things:
1. My mini-hiatus is over.
2. I'll be opening 3 slots of art commissions on Aywas sometime soon. If you're not on Aywas already, use #18747 as your referrer ID :)

Also, I'll be accepting one commission at a time here on DeviantArt, starting now. Prices will be calculated in DA Points, mostly ranging from 5-30 points. Send me a note if you'd like to discuss a commission!
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Long story short, I think my old computer has finally kicked the bucket. It's more than 5 years old and has tried destroying itself about 4 times. This time, it decided to clunk and whirr before freezing and then refusing to load upon restart. Google says it's a hard drive failure. This is very, very bad. I have many unfinished artworks on my computer, not to mention a ton of important files.

I don't know what it is with me lately, but karma must really have it in for me. Last week my youtube account was giving me trouble. Before that I had some issues with my email getting hacked. Before THAT I had my Apple account hacked and money was taken from it.

I'm lucky to have this laptop to use until a solution comes up, but it won't be the same without all my files (and a mouse instead of an annoying touchpad). However, this means I won't be making any art for a while. I'm sure it's just me, but I get something like a panic attack when my electronics start glitching. Not a fun story. However, on the bright side, I got to cheer myself up by watching multiple My Little Pony episodes again!

Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. I'm really hoping my family can pull together to get my computer working again (like they do every time, until I look at it the wrong way and it breaks again), but there's a big possibility that it might be the end for it. I'm torn between getting it fixed professionally (if my family can't do it) and throwing in the towel to get a new one. If I had the money, that thing would have been testing out the local recycling program years ago.

Cross your fingers for me! I'll give you an updated when everything gets figured out!
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For the past week I've been going to the orientation week for my university, so hopefully that'll explain my sudden absence. My first day of uni is tomorrow, and then I should be able to get everything organized by the end of next week.

Besides that, I'll be back to my own experiments for the next little while. Commissions are closed, so I'll have plenty of time to have some artistic freedom. I'll still consider art trades because I won't be busy with commissions. Unfortunately, I'll be stuck with school so I might not have as much time as I did before for doodling and sketching in class.

I apologize for rambling and repeated words, as I'm pretty well exhausted and slightly stressed. If all goes well, I'll have another journal around next Friday.

If I don't, remind me.
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I love these with a sincere passion <3

Stolen from :icondaemonscratches:

1) Put your MP3 player/iPod/iTunes on shuffle.
2) Post the first line from the first 20-30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
3) Let anyone guess the answers (song title and artist)
4) Bold the lyrics when someone figures it out


1) I found the cure to growing older, and you're the only place that feels like home...
2) Good news! She's dead! The witch of the west is dead! The wickedest witch there ever was is dead!
3) I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door...
4) Tu me fais trop pitié tu m'soules vas-y parle à ma main!
*Language is French
5) Does it even matter what I've said? Imagine the price to forget... Does it even matter what to feel?
6) I have to leave, but you are still sleeping... There's nothing to say, our time has run out.
7) I've got this little problem that I cannot control, you put my heart in jail but now it's on parole.
8) Lei è la migliore, Lei è fantastica! Mi viene il batticuore, è tutta in plastica!
*Language is Italian
9) Harri on tehnyt itsestään pellen...
*That's from the chorus, because I wouldn't recognize it otherwise xD Language is Finnish.
10) Mirror mirror on the wall, who's top tranny of them all?
11) Times are strange. We've got a free upgrade for snakes on a plane...
12) Now if you're feeling me, let's make a memory. My heart is melting 'cause you're hot like the summer breeze...
13) Boys call you sexy, and you don't care what they say. Every time you turn around they're screaming your name...
*This is a cover version, but you can reply with the real artist. This version is by Mayday Parade.
14) Seems to stop my breath, my head on your chest waiting to cave in...
15) Hey world, are you afraid? Hey world, be very afraid...
16) Wake up, hear the same thing. My alarm rings, screaming the same time...
17) I've been lucky in my life! I've been lucky, and I thank you for this life, oh good lord!
18) Call me me Ahab, what! Monomaniac, obsessed with success unlike Steve Wozniak!
19) She don't care about my car, and she don't care about my money...
20) I took her out, it was a Friday night. I walk alone, to get the feeling right...


This is a good diversity. I cheated, though. Seriously, at least 10 songs went through that had the title or the band in the first line! Also, a ton of songs kept playing that I seriously wouldn't recognize again.

So there's the list! C'mon guys, take a guess! Here's some incentive~
You can get a free commission if you can guess #5, #8, #9, or #17 !
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UPDATE: I have created a Synesthesia chart! Look at it and read my rant here:…
I may make a second one illustrating my thought process (hear word > see word with colors > connect word with definition) and how words are formed! Fun fun fun~

I was lurking some profiles here on DA, and a tag journal came to my attention. Not to put her on the spot, but you can see it in Tenko72's journal here:…

It's interesting to me because of #2, "Tell you a color you remind me of". I have a form of Synesthesia that connects colors with letters and numbers. You can read more about it here:…
Take my name, for example. Rune Neko. You see black letters, but I see a dark red for "Rune" and a dark green for "Neko". It's the same idea for every word and number combination. Eventually the colors of each letter/number get mixed together to form one color for the rest of the word ("dictionary" is still a light yellow because of the D and I ).

That brings me to two questions.
:bulletred: Do any of you have a form of Synesthesia?
:bulletred: Do you want me to make a chart of letter and number colors that I see?


  • Listening to: &quot;Bitch, Please!&quot; by Jeffree Star
  • Reading: Dictionary of Proverbs
  • Watching: Canada Day fireworks &lt;3
  • Playing: The World Ends With You

I will accept most anything, except for:
- Horrifically detailed characters (y'all know who you are)
- Graphic nudity / sex
- Whatever else I find to be unacceptable

Below is a list of prices and examples. You can pay me on 3 websites: Aywas, DeviantArt, or Roliana. The first price is for anthros and animals. Anthros DO NOT include "nekos", or pure humans with added animal ears or tails. Those are included in the second price, for humans.

Website - Anthro or Animal price / Human price

Examples: None
Aywas - 3GP / 4GP
DeviantArt - 10 points / 13 points
Roliana - 3 plats / 4 plats

Aywas - 5GP / 6GP
DeviantArt - 15 points / 18 points
Roliana - 4 plats / 5 plats

Aywas - 7GP / 8GP
DeviantArt - 20 points / 23 points
Roliana - 6 plats / 7 plats

Note: A simple background like this is free:…
A detailed background is like this:…
Aywas - 1GP
DeviantArt - 2 points
Roliana - 1 plat

Please send me a note with the following information if you would like a commission from me:
Character Name:
Reference Pictures / Info:
Type of Commission: [Lineart, Flat Color, Full Shading]
Detailed or Simple Background: [Detailed, Simple]
Type of Payment: [Aywas, DeviantArt, Roliana]
Do you want to watch me sketch on Livestream? [Yes, No]
Additional Information / Comments:



Please send me a note if you'd like to do an art trade with me. Don't be intimidated if you feel like your art is inferior to mine! I will always consider every request :) Additional information will be provided based on individual requests.
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Alright, I'm a little bit early, but so what? I have some short news to tell you all, and I'll keep it as neat as I can.

:bulletorange: I changed my avatar! :boogie:

:bulletorange: I have finished the school semester! My final exams are on Wednesday and Thursday, in which I will be receiving the key to my ankle shackles.

:bulletorange: My programming project is completed (half-assed, didn't I tell you? ) and I will upload that sometime soon. It has a huge file size, so DA might not accept it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though!

:bulletorange: New commission prices are being polished. My project has mock prices that will most likely become real.

:bulletorange: Some new additions to my commissions: Option to watch me sketch on LiveStream,  option to approve the sketch, 3 ways of paying (DeviantArt, Roliana, Aywas), and human artwork!

:bulletorange: Commissions will open on (or before) July 1! Prices will be posted then.

:bulletorange: As always, art trades will be open along with the commissions!

:bulletorange: For the next short while I will be working on a meerkat OC for Forests of Eden (… ) DA group. The submissions are for one hour only on July 1, so you should check them out now!

:bulletorange: The World Ends With You is one of the best DS games of all time. If you have a DS, play it. It's like Pokemon, but with an awesome storyline and (gasp! ) likable characters!

Enjoy your summer!
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I'm going to keep this nice and simple with some pretty bullet points, and leave it at that.

:bulletred: Commissions and art trades are closed until July

:bulletred: New commission prices will be posted in July... Again

:bulletred: Now that I have a livestream, you can request that I use it while working on your commission! You can see me draw in real time and help me make you the art that you want to see!

:bulletred: I'll be working on my Computer Programming summative until the end of June, which means I'll be less active than normal

:bulletred: I'll be posting some of the art for the project here as I finish it, including a short loop animation and a dress-up game. Because I need one of those to be like the cool people

:bulletred: The project is to make a mock website in flash, which I will post here when it's finished. In saying that, it'll be rushed beyond belief and, along with my shitty web design skills, it's not going to win any awards xD

:bulletred: Due to popular demand, I'm going to take some time out this weekend and clean up my gallery. I'll be using those weird things called "folders" and "sections" to clearly identify which are my characters and which are commissions. Don't worry, I won't be deleting anything

That's about it. I'll see you all in July!
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  • Watching: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Playing: Pokemon White…

Right there! My good friend Skeds made one for me on Tuesday so she could lurk as I made her commission x3 I'll be editing this with online or offline for when I'm doing some art. Come watch! But be warned that I'm incredibly new at it and I don't check the chat.
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I've been taking a lot of commissions on Roliana, which has been eating up my time and commission slots on DA as well. So, I won't be taking any commissions/art trades until I have finished the following arts:
1. Merrily Lads (Todd and Vedreih)
2. Whatever art fiend Skeds wants
3. Commission for Skittles

Also, I have a ton of university stuff to go through this week. By Monday I'll have decided (mostly) which university I'll be going to next year! Yay!

Thirdly, I accidentally volunteered myself to plan a concert for my favorite band. Somehow their tour manager and promoter seems to have disappeared for this one... So, if you know any bands from the Toronto (Ontario, Canada) area, please leave a comment and tell me! I always tend to forget how much I don't know until someone asks for it... I really could use the help! Problem has been solved and I'm waiting on the lazy potato chip eaters band people to put it all together.


Now this is something all my watchers will care about!
After I'm done my commissions, I'm going to have some free time to waste. Since I don't have a sub and can't make a poll, you can leave a comment to the journal. What do you want to see me draw? More anthros? Humans? Fan arts (tv shows, video games, whatever)? Those character reference sheets I promised two years ago and never finished? Tell me!
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I love doing these ipod shuffle quizzes, and I just couldn't resist when I saw :icondaemonscratches: post this one. My ipod tends to screw me over whenever I do these, sooo... *crosses fingers*

Music Tags

1.) Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Zune Software, MP3, etc. on shuffle.
2.) For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4.) Tag 15 friends. NO!
5.) Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. YOU CAN IF YOU LIKE!

1.) IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY', YOU SAY? --- "House of Cards" - Madina Lake

2.) HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? --- "Too Much of Heaven" - Eiffel 65 (( xD ))

3.) WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL?--- "Everybody Wants Ya" - S Club 7 (( That could be a problem... ))

4.) HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY?---- "I Can't Get Enuff" - Blood On The Dance Floor (( Thank you, ipod. ))

5.) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? ---- "Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good" - Alesana (( My life purpose is not to live! Right! ))

6.) WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? --- "Leaving Earth" - Code 64 (( To go along with the last one, I suppose ))

7.) WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?---- "Better Than Me" - Hinder (( +1 for the non-existent ego! ))

8.) WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU? --- "Baby Come On" - +44 (( ... ))

9.) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT VERY OFTEN?---- "Framed in Blood" - The 69 Eyes

10.) WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT YOUR BEST FRIEND? --- "Timemachine" - Neuroactive (( I have never heard this song. What's it doing on here? ))

11.) WHAT IS YOUR LIFE STORY? --- "Vampiro" - Blind Fool Love (( I swear, watch Twilight only twice and it'll come back to haunt you forever! ))

12.) WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP? --- "And They Call This Tragedy" - Alesana (( What is with all these emo songs? ))

13.) WHAT DO YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE THE PERSON YOU LIKE?--- "Smile in Your Sleep" - Silverstein (( Lurker for life. ))

14.) WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING? --- "Death is Waiting for Your Heart" - Svenia (( I feel bad for my future husband. ))

15.) WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL?---- "The Device Has Been Modified" - Portal (( I aught to re-think giving up my organs to science. ))

16.) WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST?--- "Quit While You're Ahead" - The World Alive (( Thank you, thank you, I try. ))

17.) WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR? --- "Justify" - The Rasmus

18.) WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET? --- "Bring The Pain" - Mindless Self Indulgence

19.) WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW? ---- "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White T's (( Apparently I want to find Delilah. I actually just want to eat some rice chips. ))

20.) WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS? --- "Ohio is for Lovers" - Hawthorne Heights (( Good thing I don't know anyone from Ohio! ))

21.) WHAT WILL YOU NAME THIS NOTE? ---- "Hospital" - The Used (( Come on now! That's a bit too much! ))

So what was I saying about dignity? Oh yeah. I don't have any. Again. Because I never learn from these >w<